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Star Catholic-Resources
This is an educational group with compilation of resources, references and links to a range of relevant information such as the BIBLE, Various Books and Inspiring Articles including History, Biography, Essay, etc., Pics, Sounds, and more. Read Group Info.

Group Founder: r.e.x
Description: ''The truth is not always the same as the majority decision.'' - Pope John Paul II - In this digital era, you can find nearly the whole thing on the internet, from philosophy to art, science to technology, theology to religion and beliefs, spirituality, as well as other kind of knowledge or information. Some of those things are good while some are bad. Some are true while some are false. Sometimes, but not always, it depends on how you view or use them. Different kinds of speculation, concept, interpretation, view and comprehension are available online. It is a necessity for anyone to have something to hold on to. It is important for us to have the best ''manual'' on how to run our daily lives appropriately. Some of the relevant information has been provided here. Although it's impossible to put all the information in this group, a better decision will we make from sufficient knowledge. Use ''search'' for easier browsing. Trust no one but your inner heart. God works in a mysterious way. The truth will reveal itself. This is what C-R group is all about. Just keep in your mind that whatever you do, the world will inevitably end someday, and when it finally ends, where will you be? *This group is for personal use only!*
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Members: 15
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Christianity

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